Download Pattern and Software Updates

Two different types of updates are periodically released for your hoop: software updates and pattern updates.  Software updates add new features, fix bugs, and improve reliability.  Pattern updates are packages of pattern files for your hoop.  Usually software and pattern updates are independent of each other, but sometimes new patterns will make use of new software features, so it’s a good idea to update your software when you load a new pattern update.

There are currently two generations of Hyperion hoops.  They have very different processors, but you don’t need to worry about which version you have when installing a software update; the update file contains both versions and your hoop will figure out which one it needs to install.  Some older Gen 1 hoops had a bug that prevented this feature from working correctly.  If you have one of those, you’ll need to install a Gen 1-only update (found below) once, and after that you can use the combined updates.

Gen 1 hoops can be slow to load pattern files, and Macs will create many hidden files that can fill up a Gen 1 hoop and not leave enough space for all of the patterns.  To address both of these issues, there’s a special Mac update process for Gen 1 hoops that loads the entire hoop drive as a single unit.  Mac users with a Gen 2 hoop (serial numbers 161705 and above) don’t need to use this process, and should load pattern updates normally.

Hoop Software Update

(updated 5/18/2016)

See the blog posts here for more details on preparing your hoop and applying the software and pattern updates and details on the software changes. This file contains a software update package for your Hyperion hoop. Make sure your hoop has a fresh battery installed before you begin. Save the file to your hoop’s drive and then unplug the USB cable. The hoop should immediately begin the update process. Do not turn off your hoop while it displays the red-yellow-green pattern! If it gets stuck with a single blue LED on when you unplug from the computer, simply turn the hoop off and back on again. It should begin the update process when it restarts.  After the update, you can delete the .bin file.

This file contains updates for both first and second generation (serial numbers 161705 and above) hoops.  Gen 1 hoops made prior to 2016 and not already updated will need this version instead – it contains the Gen 1 update only and can also be used if your Gen 1 hoop doesn’t have enough space for the larger update file.

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Pattern Collection

(updated 3/14/2016)

See here for step-by-step instructions on preparing your hoop and applying the pattern updates.

This ZIP file contains over 1400 patterns.  You can open the file and drag the folders directly to your hoop’s drive.  This pattern update contains motion-reactive patterns that require the latest software update to be installed, so we recommend doing that first.

Some pattern and folder names have changed, so we strongly recommend erasing all of the patterns from your hoop before loading this update. Be sure save of a backup of any custom patterns first.

Mac OS X users: you must select your hoop drive icon and empty the trash can to fully erase the old pattern files. Special instructions for Mac users can be found in a blog post here .

We suggest keeping a backup of your config.ini file.  If your configuration file gets erased, your hoop will re-create it if it has the latest software update installed.  We recommend keeping a backup of the file just in case.

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