Frequently asked questions about the Hyperion hoop

Q. Does the hoop have a battery gap?

A. The Hyperion has a small gap in the LEDs where the battery is installed.  Because the LEDs run all the way through the connector, the gap is only about 1.5″.


Q. Will there be a gapless version?

A. Probably later on, but not this year.  We’re working on perfecting this version first.


Q. Is the hoop available with 5/8″ tubing?

A. No.  We’ll be testing a 5/8″ version later, but the smaller tubing requires major design changes.


Q. Is the warranty transferable?

A.  Yes.  The warranty is valid for two years from the date it was delivered to the original owner.  The free down-sizing is also transferable if it hasn’t been used.  If the owner isn’t sure about the delivery date, check the hoop’s serial number – the first two digits show the year the hoop was built, and the next two show the week (01-52).


Q. Can I extend the warranty beyond two years?

A.  Absolutely!  Extended warranties are available for purchase in our online store – click here.


Q. How do I claim my hoop’s free downsize?

A.  You can find our downloadable resize/repair form (PDF) on the Support page.  Our address is on the form.  Look over the shipping instructions on the form, and be sure to include it inside the box when packing your hoop!


Q. Is it possible to get my hoop up-sized, or downsized again?

A.  Of course!  Both services are available for purchase in our online store – see upsizing and downsizing pages.


Q. How do I have my hoop’s tubing replaced or changed?

A.  You can purchase a re-tubing service here.  Tubing replacement costs $30-$45, depending on which type of tubing you select (natural or colored).


Q. What should I know about buying a used hoop?

A. If you’re buying a used Hyperion, there are a few things to check.  First, check for cracked or broken tubing or signs of water damage; these aren’t covered by the warranty.  Newer hoops have water contact indicators inside the connector that will show up as a red dot if they get wet.

Make sure the hoop isn’t stolen.  You can contact us if you’d like to check on a hoop.  The serial number should be printed along with the size on a label near the battery compartment.  If it’s missing, we can provide instructions for checking the electronic serial number.  The following serial numbers have been reported lost or stolen:


Newer hoops also have a slot in the connector that works with a Kensington laptop lock.  If a lock has been ripped out, there will be visible damage to the clear tubing of the connector and the button spring will likely be missing or damaged, which will make the hoop difficult or impossible to close properly.

It’s not necessary to contact us to register a change of ownership, but it’s recommended.  If we know who a hoop belongs to it simplifies warranty service, tells us who to contact if the hoop is lost or stolen, and if the hoop’s software lock feature has to be reset because of a forgotten code it will take us less time to verify your ownership of the hoop.