Ending Legacy SpinFx Phoenix Support


We took over the Phoenix brand in July 2018 and since then we've provided service, repairs, and support for all Phoenix models.  Unfortunately, due to several factors including lack of availability of replacement parts and increased labor costs, we're no longer able to offer support for SpinFx products.

We've created a SpinFx Phoenix technical information repository that will eventually contain all of the troubleshooting, service, and repair information we have for the SpinFx Phoenix hoops.  We hope that this information will help independent repair shops and technically-inclined hoopers keep Phoenix hoops running.  If you need information on the Phoenix that's not listed there, please email us at

To help you get the most value out of your smart hoop investiment, we're currently offering a $100 trade-in credit toward a new hoop for any Phoenix hoop, working or not.