Hyperion Hoop

All of our hoops are built to order and lead times will vary depending on our workload. Please check the build time page for current information. The shipping option you choose will not affect the build time!

Introducing the Hyperion Core hoop

The global chip shortage has made the WiFi modules and microcontrollers we use for Hyperion Gen 3 hoops unavailable, so we've introduced the new Hyperion Core. Based on the Hyperion Lite, and priced at $30 less than the Gen 3, the Core has all of the same core features as our other hoops except for WiFi connectivity. It has the same LEDs, the same mind-blowing motion-reactive patterns, and slightly longer battery life.

We're working on a Gen 4 hoop, and Hyperion Core hoops will be upgradeable by purchasing a new controller board when the Gen 4 design is complete, or to Gen 3 if the parts become available again.

Discounts are available for matched pairs! Use coupon code TWINS for $100 off your twins order. Twins receive one accessory pack per pair. For larger multiples, contact us for options.

Layaway payment plans are available, and PayPal Credit offers 6-month, same as cash payment plans. See our payment options page for details.

Sizes and Materials

We offer the Hyperion in sizes from 22" to 40" inner diameter (ID), in 3/4" HDPE and clear or colored polypro. See our hoop size and material guide for more information on selecting a size and tubing material.

Each Hyperion hoop comes with one free downsizing, which can be claimed at any time.


Unless requested, the Hyperion is not counterbalanced. This means that the side with the battery is slightly heavier. Without counterweights added, the Hyperion is the lightest 3/4" smart hoop on the market and is better balanced than any other smart hoop with a removable battery.

The free counterbalance option is ideal for users who prefer an evenly balanced hoop, and adds only 1.9 ounces to the hoop's weight. Many users find that the counterbalance makes tricks like palm spins easier. The counterbalance can be added or removed later if you change your mind.


Every hoop or pair of twins comes with an accessory kit. The kit includes a 2-slot battery charger with wall adapter and car adapter, four batteries with case, two remotes (44-key and 7-key), hoop manual, micro-USB cable, extra remote battery, sandpaper, and a few maintenance items. Unless you need an international charging adapter, you won't need to purchase any additional accessories to get started with your hoop!

The standard wall adapter works with North American outlets. For other regions, a multi-country adapter is available here.


Due to the ongoing chip shortage, the WiFi modules used in our Gen 3 hoops are currently unavailable. See above for more information about the Hyperion Core hoop.

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