Re-tubing service for original 3/4" Hyperion, 5/8" Hyperion Lite, and Hyperion Phoenix hoops. Please see Shipping & Returns for our return form, instructions, and other info.

If you've cracked your hoop, or just want to switch to a fresh new tube, order that service here! Please note that, for this service, you send your hoop to our workshop for re-tubing - we don't ship the tubing to you.

Select which tubing you'd like from the drop-down menu. Re-tubing service takes 2-10 business days from the time we receive your hoop, depending on how busy we are that week. Your hoop will be returned to the address you specify on this order. You can choose the shipping method you want us to use to return it during checkout.

Tubing descriptions:

HDPE tubing is milky white, fairly flexible, and durable. Small scratches can be sanded and buffed out. HDPE softens when hot but handles cold better than polypro. It can be kinked but is resistant to cracking and shattering. LEDs shine through HDPE with a slightly diffuse glow. The internal parts of the hoop are mostly concealed by HDPE tubing.

Polypro (Polypropylene) tubing is clear/transparent. It is more rigid and very slightly lighter in weight than HDPE. LEDs shine through as more distinct points of light, with little diffusion. Polypro is tough but does not tolerate cold as well and can crack when used at low temperatures. It is more prone to cracking and shattering than HDPE at all temperatures. The internal parts of the hoop are visible through Polypro tubing.

Colored Polypro (when available): aquamarine (medium blue-green) or violet (medium purple). Colored tubing is semi-transparent and doesn't affect the lights showing through, except for a slight tint on white patterns. There is also some diffusion with an effect in between that of Polypro and HDPE. Aquamarine is a little more opaque than violet.

Available Options: