Counterbalance Change

Counterbalance Change

For Hyperion 3/4" and 5/8" Lite hoops only. Phoenix hoops do not require balancing.

Hyperion hoops are available with or without counterbalancing. The battery makes one side of the hoop slightly heavier than the other. The counterbalance option adds a pair of weights to balance out the weight of the battery. The option adds just under 2 ounces to the total weight of a 3/4" hoop, and 1 ounce to the total weight of a 5/8" Lite hoop.

This listing is for one counterbalance change service, to either add or remove the weights. Note that you only need to purchase this service if you're not having any other work performed on your hoop. For any service that requires disassembling the hoop, including retubing and resizing, we're happy to make the change for free - just make a note on your return form.

Please see Shipping & Returns for our return form, instructions, and other info.

Counterbalance changes takes 2-10 business days from the time we receive your hoop, depending on how busy we are that week. The hoop will be returned to the address you specify on this order. You can choose the shipping method you want us to use to return your hoop during checkout.