Phoenix Hoop

The 2018 Phoenix Hoop by Hyperion

New Hyperion Phoenix hoops are going to begin shipping in mid-September.

Since its introduction in 2012, the Phoenix has been a favorite of serious performers around the world. Now the Phoenix has joined the Hyperion family and is getting a major update.

The new model keeps the perfectly balanced, gapless design, long battery life, and stunning LEDs and adds the Hyperion's advanced electronics and software. New features include:

  • Motion sensors for incredible motion-reactive patterns
  • 8x more patterns, with mix-and-match color palettes for millions of combinations
  • New tubing options including colored polypro and rugged HDPE
  • More size options from 22" up to 40"
  • Art-Net compatibility for wireless control from a standard lighting console

Sizes and Materials

We offer the Phoenix in sizes from 22" to 40" inner diameter (ID), in HDPE and clear or colored polypro. See our hoop size and material guide for more information on selecting a size and tubing material. SpinFX Phoenix hoops were sized by OD. If you're ordering a hoop to match an older Phoenix, subtract 1.5" from your old hoop's size.

Each hoop includes a 7-key and 44-key remote control, micro USB cable, manual, and 2-year warranty. Hoops are shipped with no taping or sanding for grip, but include two grades of sandpaper so you can add exactly the amount of grip you want.

Currently we're expecting to release the WiFi version of the hoop first, with a Bluetooth version to come later. If the Bluetooth option becomes available before your hoop is built, we'll contact you and give you the option to switch.

Layaway payment plans are available, and PayPal Credit offers 6-month, same as cash payment plans. See our payment options page for details.

We're busy getting the new electronics ready to go, updating tooling, and merging some Phoenix software features. We are still on track to start shipping the new model in September, but please keep in mind that we can't guarantee a specific delivery date yet and rush ordering is not available. For updates, keep an eye on the news section.

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