Extended Warranty

Every 3/4" Hyperion hoop or 2018 Phoenix hoop comes with a 2-year warranty that covers just about everything except tubing breaks, battery wear, and water damage.

Every 5/8" Hyperion Lite comes with a 1-year warranty with the same coverage.

You may purchase additional coverage at $49/year, at any time, up to one month after the original warranty has expired. If the original warranty has been expired for longer than one month, please contact us to check first (info@hyperionhoop.com).

This warranty extension is a continuation of the terms of the original warranty. You can check out the warranty on the Support page of our main website (scroll down).

No shipping is required for this item, so if this is all you're ordering, make sure you choose the 'no shipping required' option at checkout. And if you're not the original owner of the hoop, or you've ordered more than one hoop, please make sure you include the hoop's serial number or unique name in your order comments so we can update our records.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer extended warranties for pre-2018 model Spin FX Phoenix hoops.

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