Hyperion Upsizing

Hyperion Upsizing
Please note that this is for Hyperion 3/4" and Hyperion 5/8" Lite hoops only. For Phoenix hoops, see the Phoenix Hoop upsizing listing.

Please see Shipping & Returns for our return form, instructions, and other info.

Hoop too small? If you'd like us to make it bigger, order that service here. Please include the new size you want in the order comments, or on the service form you send along with the hoop.

For a 3/4" hoop: subtract 1.5" to convert from outer diameter (OD). For example, a 35" OD hoop is 33.5" ID.

For a 5/8" hoop: subtract 1.25" to convert from outer diameter (OD). For example, a 35" OD hoop is 33.75" ID. We only offer sizing in half-inch increments, so you will need to round to either 33.5" ID or 34" ID for ordering.

Upsizing requires adding LEDs and re-tubing your hoop to a bigger tube. Re-tubing is automatically included in this upsize fee. Select which tubing you'd like from the drop-down menu.

Upsizing takes 2-10 business days from the time we receive your hoop, depending on how busy we are that week. Your hoop will be returned to the address you specify on this order. You can choose the shipping method you want us to use to return it during checkout.

Please note: If your hoop was built before spring 2015, upsizing may require replacing the entire LED strip. We will have to charge more to upsize it. Contact us if you're not sure - we'll be happy to help you find out!

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