Hyperion Lite 5/8" Hoop

Pre-order We're ordering parts now and production will begin in August, with orders expected to start shipping in September.

For more than two years we've had working 5/8" Hyperion prototypes but we've been so busy with 3/4" hoop production that we haven't even been able to consider adding a second model. We're nearly caught up with our backlog now, and it's time to see if the hooping world really wants a 5/8" Hyperion.

The electronics and software are ready to go. A couple of custom parts and a lot of fixtures and tooling are needed to make the design practical to produce in quantity. As soon as we hit 50 preorders, we'll start ordering parts and building fixtures. We'll be closed for vacation the last week of August but depending on when the 50 order threshold is reached, hoops should start shipping in September or October.


  • 16 MB pattern storage (enough for 2000+ patterns)
  • 9-axis motion sensor for advanced motion reactive modes
  • Mix and match color palettes and chaser overlays
  • Upload new patterns via USB
  • Create your own patterns - including motion-reactive ones
  • A 29" hoop weighs 7.5 oz, including battery
  • Includes keychain remote and full size remote
  • Supports scripting for choreographed performances
  • No battery gap - LEDs go all the way around the hoop
  • 1-year full warranty

The Hyperion Lite is a slimmed-down version of the 2nd generation 3/4" Hyperion designed to be both the most advanced and customizable 5/8" smart hoop available and the most affordable. It runs on the same software as Gen 1 and Gen 2 and has the same motion sensors, and it comes with the same 1600+ patterns as our other hoops. Like its bigger siblings it runs on a single removable battery, just smaller. Unlike the bigger hoops, it has no battery gap. This version does not include WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. We have a working and tested Bluetooth version and if there's enough demand we'll offer that as an option later.

A smaller, lighter, less expensive hoop design requires some trade-offs. The smaller (10440 size) battery has about half the capacity of the larger batteries used by the 3/4" hoops. Since the battery is removable you can keep going indefinitely, of course, but you'll need to change batteries more often. The Hyperion Lite doesn't charge from USB - charging one small battery at a time is tedious, and instead it comes with a 2-slot charger that plugs in to the wall or a car outlet.

Please note that you won't be able to re-tube the hoop in 3/4", and you can't re-tube your existing 3/4" Hyperion in 5/8".

Battery Life

Battery life depends greatly on the brightness setting and pattern selection, as well as the hoop size. A 29" hoop at default brightness (75%) on random shuffle will run for about 40 minutes on one battery. The same hoop can run for 55 minutes with a white 4-chaser pattern, 105 minutes on a 2-chaser blue and green motion reactive mode, or 22 minutes on a solid rainbow pattern.

Sizes and Materials

We're offering the Hyperion Lite in sizes from 22" to 34" inner diameter (ID) in Polypro (clear/natural, sky blue, and violet).

The Hyperion Lite does not include a free downsize, but resizing service is available.


Unless requested, the Hyperion Lite is not counterbalanced. This means that the side with the battery is slightly heavier. If you request the counterbalance option, we'll add weights at two points to balance out the weight of the battery. This adds about an ounce to the weight of the hoop. The counterbalance can be added or removed later if you change your mind.


The Hyperion Lite ships with a 2-slot battery charger with wall adapter and car adapter, four batteries with case, two remotes (44-key and 7-key), hoop manual, micro-USB cable, sandpaper, and a few maintenance items. Unless you need an international charging adapter, you won't need to purchase any additional accessories to get started with your hoop!

The standard wall adapter works with North American outlets. For other regions, a multi-country adapter is available here.

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