Hyperion Controller Board

Hyperion Controller Board

Hyperion / Phoenix 3/4" hoop controller board.

These are the controller boards used in our 3/4" hoops, sold individually as spare parts or for integration with your own LED projects. Currently we're offering only the Gen 3 version with WiFi - if you need Bluetooth, please contact us to discuss options.

Gen 3 boards normally have an integrated ceramic chip WiFi antenna, but are also available with a u.fl connector for connecting an external antenna. If you need the external antenna version, please make a note in the order comments.

Please note that these boards can not be used in SpinFx Phoenix hoops without modification.

A #4-40 PEM fastener at the left edge of the board provides both the physical attachment and the positive power connection. The intended power source is a single 3.7v Li-ion cell, and the board includes an integrated Li-ion charger.

The pin header assignments, from bottom to top, are ground, LED data, and LED power. The unpopulated pad at the top is for the LED clock signal used by APA102 and LPD8806 LEDs. The LED power pin is connected to the power input via a P-channel MOSFET that controls power to the LED strip for power saving modes.

Supported LED types include WS2811, WS2812B, WS2813, SK6812 (RGB, RGBY, and RGBW), and LPD8806.

Price for each$95.00$85.00
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