Frequently Asked Questions about our Hoops

Q.?Does the hoop have a battery gap?

A.?The 3/4" Hyperion has a small gap in the LEDs where the battery is installed.? Because the LEDs run all the way through the connector, the gap is only about 1.5?.? The Hyperion Phoenix and Hyperion Lite are gapless.


Q. Can a 3/4" hoop be changed to 5/8" tubing?

A.?No.? Some of the internal components in the 3/4" hoop are not small enough to fit in smaller tubing, and the 5/8" design is different.


Q.?Is the warranty transferable?

A.? Yes.? For a 3/4" Hyperion or Hyperion Phoenix, the warranty is valid for two years from the date it was delivered to the original owner.? For a Hyperion Lite, the warranty is valid for one year. The 3/4" Hyperion's free down-sizing is also transferable if it hasn?t been used.? If the owner isn?t sure about the delivery date, check the hoop?s serial number ? the first two digits show the year the hoop was built, and the next two show the week (01-52).


Q.?Can I extend the warranty?

A.? Absolutely!? Extended warranties are available for purchase in our online store.


Q.?How do I claim my hoop?s free downsize?

A.? One free downsize is available for the 3/4" Hyperion hoops. You can find our downloadable service form (PDF) on the Shipping & Returns page.? Our address is on the form.? Look over the shipping instructions on the form, and be sure to include it inside the box when packing your hoop!? Free downsize does not apply to Hyperion Phoenix models or Lite models.


Q.?Is it possible to get my hoop up-sized, or downsized again?

A.? Yes!? Both services are available for purchase in our online store.? Sizing services for Phoenix models are slightly more due to the added complexity of the battery wiring.


Q.?How do I have my hoop?s tubing replaced or changed?

A.? You can purchase a re-tubing service?here.


Q.?What should I know about buying a used hoop?

A.?If you?re buying a used hoop, there are a few things to check.? First, check for cracked or broken tubing or signs of water damage; these aren?t covered by the warranty.? Newer hoops have water contact indicators inside the connector that will show up as a red dot if they get wet.

Make sure the hoop isn?t stolen.? You can contact us if you?d like to check on a hoop.? The serial number should be printed along with the size on a label near the battery compartment.? If it?s missing, we can provide instructions for checking the electronic serial number.? The following serial numbers have been reported lost or stolen:

144502? 144818? 145126? 151601? 151813? 151925? 152122? 152123? 152526? 153906? 154309? 154511? 155003? 160411? 164516? 171808? 172207 172801

Some hoops also have a slot in the connector that works with a Kensington laptop lock.? If a lock has been ripped out, there will be visible damage to the clear tubing of the connector and the button spring will likely be missing or damaged, which will make the hoop difficult or impossible to close properly.

It?s not necessary to contact us to register a change of ownership, but it?s recommended.? If we know who a hoop belongs to it simplifies warranty service, tells us who to contact if the hoop is lost or stolen, and if the hoop?s software lock feature has to be reset because of a forgotten code it will take us less time to verify your ownership of the hoop.


Q.?My hoop batteries seem to die too quickly.? What's going on?

A.?For hoops with removable batteries: There are several things to check if you think your batteries are dying too quickly.? Typically on the default 75% brightness, cycling through random patterns, you should expect to get about 60 minutes of run time on a 3/4" hoop and roughly 20 minutes on a 5/8" hoop.? This will vary quite a bit depending on the exact patterns and the hoop size, but if your results are drastically different there may be a problem.

The most common problem is simply old and worn-out batteries.? We recommend replacing batteries every 2 years with typical use.? Heavily used batteries will wear out sooner.? The batteries we use all day every day for testing hoops prior to shipping have to be replaced every few months.

It's also possible that the charger could be faulty.? If the batteries take an unusually short amount of time to charge, that may be the problem.? If you have a voltmeter you can check the batteries directly: A battery fresh off the charger should read about 4.2 volts.? One that's been in use for a few minutes will usually be around 3.9 volts, and it should stay above 3.6 volts until it's nearly dead.? Anything under 3.5 volts is effectively dead.

If you suspect a bad charger, on the 3/4" hoops you can use the internal charger instead.? Simply turn on the hoop normally and then plug in a USB cable connected to a charger or computer, and the hoop should show a single yellow LED while charging, changing to green when fully charged.? The internal charger is slower and may take up to two hours to charge the battery.? If the battery life is normal using the internal charger, then the problem is in the battery charger.

It's also possible, though uncommon, for the hoop to develop a malfunction in the circuit that measures the battery voltage.? If the reading is completely out of range the hoop will flash a red-red-blue error code at startup and then ignore the battery reading.? To manually disable the battery monitoring function, edit the config.ini file and add this line: